What’s in a Name?

Naming a beer is a strange thing. Picking a name that you like, that will work with the beer, and will work for all the beer drinkers is a big ask. Every brewery does it different. Some use the type of the beer in the name, some just use a catchy phrase, some don’t reference any name and just use the style – we are all different.

When naming our beers we usually sit down around a table with the specific beer in hand and a note pad. It all starts out civilized enough with us throwing out suggestions and bantering around different ideas. As the time and beers push on things usually get a bit more excited (inebriated). For instance, while naming Shannon River IPA it ended up like a scene from Mad Max – Beyond Thunder Dome. Gabriel was Tina Turner, while me & Tony had our shirts off about to do hand-to hand-combat but we got there in the end.

Anyways, we always start with the beer in question and go from there. Not so with Thomond Red Ale. While looking for the name for one of our specials we were mid Mad Max fight scene. I was doing a wonderful rendition of Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero, Tony was trying to pry a length of 1” stainless tubing off the wall to use as a lance when it struck me (the name, not the tubing)… Thomond Red Ale… Wow what a name. It says it all: proud, strong and full of history. We quickly went about getting a base recipe on paper. Tony put down the spiked blade chainsaw and we were off. After 6 test batches we had our recipe and the rest is history… The legend was born.