Treaty City Brewery started in a small two bedroomed apartment in East Vancouver Canada. After a long night of general debauchery, plenty of merriment and many bottles of bland tasteless beer, we decided enough was enough. Something had to be done. Life was too short to drink bad beer. The next morning, while nursing a spectacular hangover we headed for the local homebrew store and purchased our very first brewing equipment.

When offered some advice by the owner Stephen duly recited the rich brewing history in Ireland and how it was engrained in our DNA. No instructions needed we declared and headed off with our new gear. After calling back later that day for the instructions we headed home to start on this incredible journey. The spare bedroom was quickly converted into a working brewery and we set about creating our very first beer. Harris Pale Ale was born after many exploding fermenters, boil overs, leaking mash tuns (I could go on it’s a long list). The recipe is still very similar today but we don’t brew on a hob in the kitchen anymore and instead of 20 litres we brew 3000 litres each batch! Soon after our foray into the brewing world, our first child Cliodhna came along and our brewery was promptly converted into a nursery. It’s amazing the structural similarities between a baby’s nursery and a home brewery.

With the new addition to the family and our own Clan so far away we dully set our sights on the emerald Isle. With a quick hop and a skip we were back in the Treaty City and ready for action. Treaty City Brewery was incorporated, labels were created, designs and reviews of everything from bottle caps to t-shirts. Stephen set to work, diligently tasting as many beers as he could (It was very hard work) and building the recipes for the iconic beers that are on the shelves today.



My father’s people are from Park (modern day Corbally) which was originally the breadbasket of Limerick. My mother’s people, also farmers were from Croagh and came to the city in the late 1800’s when the rest of the family was scattered across the globe during the land leagues. I am a manufacturing engineer by trade and studied in both LIT and UL. My background is in electronics and pharmaceuticals but these days I run the microbrewery at Childers Road. My favorite beer is Shannon River IPA, I just love the big hop aroma and the smooth finish.


Gabriel claims he hails from a town called Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil (although we have an alternative theory that his real name is Peadar McGuinty from Tuam and the Brazilian persona is an elaborate rouse.) Either way he is a brewer extraordinaire. A degree in Chemical Eng. and 5yrs experience as the Head Brewer with one of the largest breweries in the world makes him a key asset to the Treaty City Team.


Steve’s Dad, hero and brewery building magician. We call him the alchemist as he turns a collection of Stainless steel items into pure brewing gold. Tony, a fitter by trade, helps out in all aspects of the brewery. You could see him slinging kegs some days and hard piping tanks the next. He is kinda like the A-Team: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him… maybe you can call Tony


Treasa is akin to an 1980’s dictator, rarely seen but her influence is everywhere. Think of her as the George Harrison of Treaty City Brewery, the real brains behind the operation. She takes care of all things digital as well as rowing in with the team for our strategic planning. Treasa’s background is in computer engineering but she has the final say on all things graphic and visual in the brewery and indeed our social media content. She is also by far the best looking of the team – which is saying something!


I hail from Cappamore Co. Limerick.
I was born in the wagon of a travellin’ show,
My mama used to dance for the money they’d throw
Papa would do whatever he coooooooooould
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of
Doctor Good.
I look after the accounts and general book keeping for the business. If you are talking to me you are generally in trouble.


John is our eyes and ears for quality outside the brewery. John does all our installing and maintenance for draft lines. He has a long history working in the beer industry and can be seen most mornings after 10 cups of coffee, knocking on pub doors.



Medieval History
The oldest form of brewing associated with Limerick is the brewing of heather as practiced by the Danes (the earliest Viking settlers in Limerick). The methods however, were secret, and the cause of much argument and were protected to the death in many cases.

The first monastic settlement in Limerick was in 1171. It was Peters Cell situated on the Kings Island (English Town) section of the city. It was established at the behest of Domhnal Mor Ui Briana, the then, Chieftain of the area. Although there is no reference to brewing this was undoubtedly the first brewery in Limerick as all monastic settlements of the time would have brewed ale for themselves and for selling in the local area.

Brewing from the 1700s onwards
Breweries were the most registered business in Limerick City between the years 1710 and 1740. In 1769, a Limerick printer and bookseller named John Ferrar published the first directory of the city. There were at the time in operation six breweries and three coopers, but only one maltster, as at the time many breweries malted their own grains.

This number however, fluctuates through different surveys and directories and the author cannot say for sure how many breweries were in operation, Lucas in 1788 lists five, Holden in 1809 lists seven and Dean in 1838 lists six. O’Flaherty in his atlas of Limerick lists some fifty six breweries as having operated in Limerick City.

Historical research by Adrian Callinan.






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