Our next beer- you decide!

In celebration of Limerick’s St Patrick’s Festival 2019, we will release six experimental beers, the never before tasted beers will be in six bars, found along Limerick’s Craft Beer Trail, a new beer in every bar for two days only! Score cards filled out by you, the punters, will reveal the highest rated beer which will go into production for release later this year.

Limerick craft beer trail st Patricks Festival

The release of this experimental series is a showcase of our commitment to innovation, customer feedback and exploration of hops. It is an insight into what is to come when we open our new facility on St. Nicholas Street later this year. Treaty City Brewery has always been committed to delivering quality beers while pushing the boundaries and keeping things creative and fresh. This experimental series will continue our tradition of exploring new hop varieties and combinations, continuously vetted by our master brewers in our Childers Road brewery.

Venues on the Limerick Craft Beer Trail:

MA Hogans, Catherine St.
Nancy Blake’s, Denmark St.
Flannerys Bar, Upper Denmark St.
Mother Macs, High Street.
Patsy Flannerys, Wickham St.
The Wickham Tap, Wickham St.

Pick up your rate card in any of the pubs, order your pint, rate it, repeat 5 more times then tell us your favourite! We want real feedback. Take a photo of your completed rate card, post it, email it, leave it with the bartender – get it to us!

DM or tag us on Twitter @TreatyCityBrew or Instagram @TreatyCityBrewery. Everyone who rates our beer will be entered into a draw for a Treaty City Beer Bundle.

The winning beer will be announced once all the rate cards have been evaluated!

Tell us what beer you want and we’ll make it! #StreetsOfLimerick